Pushing Forward

On this day of the week when it’s common to drag ourselves slowly out of bed, into the day and into focus, I am reminded of a move I made to begin pushing my own barrier out of the way. Some of you may have read that I have been a student of the National Speaker Association’s Protrack VI class in Ohio, a class that one of my classmates calls “the MBA for professional speakers”.

Through the 8-month course we students have examined not only our speaker style, our message and our business strategy. We have also seen the number of ways we could step out into new territory with our business and our own professional speaking practice. This examination – common to many professionals who strive to remain purposeful – though fearful, is also motivating. So much so that I called upon one of the instructors to mentor me. And the double-edged sword answer is, he said yes.

Today is our first meeting together, and like many attorneys who want me to coach them in their influence, confidence or sales, I am feeling quite vulnerable. I know I will be pushed, sometimes when I don’t want to be. Eventhough my goal is to move forward with this area of business, I sometimes create barriers. And this very selfish behavior – selfish in that it blocks others from gaining their own confidence, influence and sales from my presentations – simply shuts me down. My barriers block this action.

Yesterday I sat in church thinking at times of my own resistances. But when the pastor came to the close of his message, he shared something of the following that perked up my ears:

Remember this. Jesus is with us. He is not only at our side, helping us along the way. He is also behind us, pushing us forward. Trust him.

This message chilled me. Regardless of your beliefs, maybe you will  agree with me that faith is very much a part of our daily actions. Our faith determines our ability to break down our own barriers, not only for our good, but also for the good of others. We must push forward.

Where do you want to start pushing forward? Who are you willing to have faith in to do so?

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