Put a Face on It

The photo next to this post can lead you to way to have fun between you and another for Valentine’s Day. Similarly, last Christmas I had fun with the Jib Jab site (creating jingles that are personified by me and my friends) when I cut and pasted photos of each of my No Excuses band members into a Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree animated jingle used for a holiday card from us.

Every time our friends and us played this holiday card, we laughed and laughed. Why? Because the dancing and maneuvering of the animated characters were fun, but once the characters had each of our faces on it, the animation was hysterical.

Storytellers know the power of inserting familiar and personal relevance into the points they make. When they try to make points by suggesting facts and statistics, they have our attention. But when they further the point with relative stories, they have our emotional connection. That’s when we got pulled into the point.

Are you set on making a point at your next informal gathering, your next office meeting or your next presentation? If so, like with the jib jab jingle, put a face on it. Tell a story relevant to the point and you’ll not only get the listeners’ attention, you’ll make an emotional connection.

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