Putting pen to paper

Yesterday a friend gave me some quality time over coffee. This resulted in my remembering one of my unique gifts. Thank goodness. It got me out of bed this morning!

While at Starbucks we were talking about what has been holding us back in our businesses. This struck me, for it’s been an area of focus for me for quite some time – how can I get a better grasp on growing my business? It seems I know the answers – I’ve just been focusing on the numbers and not seeing my strengths. One of them is in telling the truth, especially through honest reflection of my own experiences. As an introvert, I reflect on myself frequently, usually in self-deprecating ways. Yet I know the value of shifting that focus to break down my introvert barriers, barriers that keep me in a box.

I have a blog for sharing my communication focus with my world of readers. There are some posts which have been frequent reads – styles that attract notice and content that resonate with folks. They focus on story to make a point, and the points are meaningful. Better yet, the stories have me at the core, and not usually in a glamorous way. Simply put, these are the posts that demonstrate the lessons I’ve learned in life, especially those that illustrate the ineffective communication I try to break down.

One of my top reads is We All Felt It. Although making a point, I jump right into the story of an assualt of a young man in downtown Columbus at the height of lunch hour, sticking to the details that attracted my attention, knowing they will do the same for others. This post is an example of my putting to pen to paper without effort. An introvert strength, writing is a strength for many of us who take the time to share it with our world.

I know that writing is a useful tool for me not only to reflect and share my ideas, but also to market them. When I focus on the marketing aspect, the need to be visible and consistent, my writing suffers. Whether it picks up the sales tone or a teachy bullet point approach, suddenly my unique gift has been altered. Focusing on telling my story brings my strengths back into view, a style that repeatedly has readers reaching out to me.

So today I am back at – putting my strengths back into play, feeling useful – purposeful – while sharing my writing in a humble approach. I actually enjoyed getting out of bed to accomplish this. Although it’s an early hour, it’s the one that is shaping my day – the first one. I’m feeling purposeful, demonstrating my strengths through putting pen to paper. There. Now I can continue with my day loving who I am instead of making excuses for it. A step of confidence.

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4 Responses to Putting pen to paper
  1. Merri — this is a priceless post. Thank you for "sharing your gifts with your world." You have influenced me, and I promise to take action.

  2. Marcy, that means a lot to me! What action will you be taking?

  3. Great post Merri!, such a great example of how being authentic touches others. I remember reading that post!

  4. I agree. Anyways, no one is always ieerovtrtnd or always extroverted. There are more differences between individuals than between introversion and extroversion.My main issue is when people take the actions I listed in my graphic with the reasoning, oh, she/he is an introvert rather than, hey, I know this personally about my particular peep Nobody puts introverts in a corner, if you will.

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