Remember the Attraction

Yesterday my minister centered our focus on the “red letter edition” of the new testament, especially Jesus’ 4 directives, starting with “Come.” Reaching out to disciples as well as to those who are weary, the invitation to “come” has huge appeal. Whether we look at this from a spiritual appeal or even just from a general appeal in life, I think it’s important we introverts reflect a bit on it.

When I apply the concept of invitation to my life today, I consider quite a few things that tell me I am someone who likes to be recognized. I like to be asked to do things that I am good at instead of suggesting it, myself. It’s refreshing to my spirit and helps me remember what I am good at. Unless I hear it from others, I tend to forget it.

Consider what happens to you when you get the invitational phone call from someone you admire, or from someone wanting to interview you. Previous concerns about whether we are good enough, about whether we are top of mind, or even of whether or not we are liked suddenly disappear.

Getting an invitation gives us renewed sense of self.


Whether emanating from a personal or professional source, invitations to come offer us opportunity. I recall the times I received word of being invited to join the faculty where I taught for 16 years. I was thrilled! I suddenly felt valuable and I couldn’t wait to prove what I could do. The same thing happened for each stage production I was cast in, for each offer my band gets to perform for an event and each time I am called to speak.

How wonderful it is to feel invited!

Yet we introverts (and maybe this happens with extroverts, too) often make the invitational joy short-lived when we get distracted by the challenges. We see relationships or responsibilities  at work that are difficult. Suddenly our acceptance of the invitation, and the positive feelings that came with it are replaced with self-doubt.

Can you relate?

Perhaps you are distracted by the need to do work that appears under-valued. Or you have been invited to consider the partner track and are now held to doing work you don’t appreciate. Or you have been assigned a case outside your area of experience and are doubting your abilities.

Recall the reason you accepted the invitation – Come.

Recall why you felt so affirmed. Then instead of starting the day with concern about your abilities or the relationships of those around you, focus on why you entered the agreement. This helps you manage yourself, by managing your mantra. (things that make you valuable)

In many of my communication and confidence coaching sessions my clients – people just like you – begin shifting focus, and have renewed energy. Now fueled with positive vibes, they become smarter, more attractive to others, better communicators and more influential.

Want to get back to the spark you had before and focus away from the distractions? Remember the attraction, and then again, come. Let me know if I can be of help.


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