Remember the nature of your Practice

Perfection is over-rated.

Although it is sought after by analysts and academics, perfectionism creates the need for unrealistic behavior and subhuman attitudes. On the other hand, the steady practice of skills/gifts we are blessed with, while under-utilized by most people, is a realistic, success-oriented approach to living our life and committing to our practice.

Do you believe you have gifts/skills you are blessed with? You should, because that is the case. As an attorney, you may be blessed with analytical gifts, maybe with people skills, perhaps with the gift of poise or energy or listening. Define your gifts. This may require remembering what others have told you (family, clients, classmates in law school) and accepting it as truth.

Your belief in your abilities, in a higher good, in divine intervention and/or in humankind will drive the nature of your practice and your commitment to it.

Commit to daily practice

Just like the pianist pictured above, those of us who believe in our abilities will take the time to commit to regular focus on our skills.  Not just an hour a day, but whatever it takes for us to learn something more about our talents. Not because we wish to become perfect, but because we want to improve our technique as well as our expression of what we are good at. We want to relax into using our talents both with enjoyment as well as when challenged.

Believe you can apply your gifts towards the end  result – the discovery, the argument, the presentation, the influence and the eventual win that benefits your client – and you will relax into whatever it takes to see it through.

Just as we humans use only 10% of our brains- what a waste!, the overwhelming majority of us under-perform in our assets. We apply ourselves in ways we are comfortable and then stop when we approach the uncomfortable.

Consider times you have been asked to speak to a group. Perhaps your gifts have been in analysis or discovery – work usually performed in isolation. Your gifts of focus and digging are also useful gifts when presenting, yet because you are out of practice with getting in front of a group to share your ideas, you resist.

Your practice is most successful when you allow yourself to practice. Get out of your comfort zone. We are not effective there. Put yourself to the test. Challenge yourself. See in what way your natural gifts come to the surface when you practice unprecedented experiences.

The nature of your practice is to put yourself out there for the good of the people, not hide in your cave of comfort. Find ways, today, to believe in yourself, to stand up and speak up and you will expand the nature of your own practice.

Tomorrow I will address how persistence colors our ability to practice effectively.


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