Rethink anxiety – Imagine loving every minute of public speaking

Our body can’t tell the difference between nervousness and enthusiasm. Naming it is what makes it so.

You and I have both been there. Moments before we stand up to speak, adrenaline rushes through our systems. If we are ready and eager to see the result, we call it adrenaline, and we feel excited. But if we aren’t sure if we’re prepared, if we think something miserable is going to happen when we open our mouth, we call that adrenaline rush, butterflies. That’s when we feel doomed.

Standing up to speak is often tied to taking risks. It isn’t news to you that “big deals, major funding, important lectures, social and political change…everything that really matters is presented, constantly” (Ethos3, June 7, 2013). When it matters, standing up and speaking is the way to make a difference. And when it matters, adrenaline rushes through our body.

On the big day at the altar, on the big day during the interview, on the big day during your 15 seconds of fame. These are important days. But these are not the only important days. Every day you are called on to share your ideas, every day you see a change that needs to be made, every time you want to come to someone’s defense is an important day to stand up and speak. Feeling an adrenaline rush? Imagine loving every minute of the times that truly matter!

All it takes is the willingness to do what is important followed by shifting your perspective from not yet being ready, to being ready for anything. That shift helps you re-frame your thinking of what is happening in your body. From butterflies that will destroy you to adrenaline that helps you endure, focus and even thrive!

Imagine loving every moment of public speaking. All it takes is a shift in thinking for you to rename the anxiety and enjoy the importance of the moment.

3 Things Great Speakers Do.

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