Rethink the Security Blanket

I love seasonal Charlie Brown clips, especially the Christmas ones. But you have to see this opener with Charlie Brown and the gang called Snowflakes. The clip opens with the gang enjoying the freshly falling snowflakes. In it, Linus’s skills at target practice also stand out.

Lucy, not wanting to be undone by her younger, blanket-toting sibling, flings a tart remark about his adult life, and it makes me think of how each of us tend to have our own security blanket.

The introvert is often seen as someone who can’t stand on their own without aid of someone or something else, yet while Linus often demonstrates in the Peanut clips, he is quite adept with how he uses this security. And like you saw in the above clip, he has made it into a tool rather than  a crutch.

Rethink the introvert’s security blanket – perhaps it’s taking time to think before making decisions, or standing off from the group to observe and quietly participate. These, too, are tools that sharpen rather than hamper our abilities.

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