Self-promotion gut check

Promoting is not my specialty. It isn’t lost on me that my business is to help people share their voice. But self-promotion is and has always been uncomfortable for me.

Self-promoting, for an introvert, is logical yet too personal for comfort. So the question is, how do we get beyond the comfort?

Like many things in life we have learned to do without too much thinking in advance (immediately jumping to someone’s aid, returning a smile to someone smiling at us, waving back to someone waving to us, saying Thank you or Good morning), the act of promoting requires immediacy. Sure, this act seems all about us vs. about others. But that’s only when we focus on the discomfort.

We introverts think through our messages. We will carefully wordsmith our language. We may even consider to whom it is best to deliver the message. Knowing this, why are we uncomfortable? Simple. There are people who promote themselves in excess, and we don’t want to be that person.

But if we think twice about promotion, we fail. And our business fails. And our wonderful gift of service to others gets lost. So we must practice self-promotion not only to keep our business healthy, but also so we understand what it personally takes to do so effectively.

Give yourself a gut check about self-promotion.

Are you too emotional? Get logical. That’s the only way we can promote. Once in the promotion phase, emotion is good. But not before it. Unless we’re crafting the message and getting concerned about who to deliver it to, emotion has no place in our promotion step.

Promote immediately.

Without immediacy, people see us second-guessing ourselves. They won’t read our stumble as second-guessing our self-promotion. They see our stumbling as second-guessing our ability to deliver good service.

If we are stumbling over the action of promoting, we are stumbling over the action of getting out of bed in the morning. We are stumbling over the action of answering our phone. We are even stumbling over emailing with a signature, creating our profile pages and offering our professional biography.

Find your ease with self-promotion.

Self-promotion takes practice, so here are a few things to practice:

1. Daily select something you have/can do that people want.

2. List who you will reach out to each day to share your offering.

Now that you have given thought to the above two things, don’t think twice about the next step.

3. Follow through. Do it. Take action. And get it done knowing it isn’t about you, it’s about helping those around you. Why is it so much easier to promote others than to promote ourselves? Because it feels uncomfortable. Shift your thinking. When you promote your services, you are really doing the most important step to help others.

If after your self-promotion gut check you find you’re feeling uncomfortable about promoting yourself, you simply need to remember who promotion helps. Others.

Get it? I finally do. As I said earlier – promotion isn’t easy for me. But I get the fact that without it I can’t help people.


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