Sequestered or Connected. A Decision for Wholeness.

Juries are given the chance to listen to both sides of the story when hearing a case and the opposing arguments. This is when they are connected to the big picture. Then when they are sequestered, or isolated from public view to discuss and decide their findings, they get to show not only what they think of what they heard, but also to show what they’re made of.

To relate, one of the things I enjoy about being an entrepreneur is being able to isolate myself to think, create, make decisions and strategize.

I learned this practice early in my life when I took to my second-floor bedroom for homework time. It was my haven from the huge energies of the world – conversations with people, noise from disagreements or judgment of tasks accomplished.

My bedroom was the place I found myself. It’s where I had silence for thinking, reading, completing worksheets and homework questions or writing essays. Once there I felt relieved of the pressures of the day – perhaps something juries don’t feel. Few things would pull me away from my desk, unless a meal or fun activity with my brother. This is where I hid away, separated from my world.

Although I found myself through my thoughts and attention to music, I didn’t know what I was made of. Neither did anyone else! Because there was little I actually DID. That changed in time. I teetered from one end of the behavior seesaw to the other.

Once I was old enough to get absorbed in activities at school, then at college, then at the high school where I taught, my downtime diminished, and I lost myself. But I also learned what I was made of – I found some creative and athletic skills, more based on performance than strategy. But this was chiefly because I was Doing more than I was Thinking.

Today a business owner, I enjoy the “down” days of thinking, creating and planning. They remind me of who I am and what’s important to me from a purpose standpoint. But unless I mix them in with days of activity – networking, presenting, running workshops or seminars and coaching clients – I don’t get a sense of what I am made of.

I realize wholeness when I know who I am and what I am made of.

Some people call this balance. In terms of a business owner’s success, working on the business and in the business; working on your craft and in your craft. Seeing the 3-foot and the 23-foot view.

Another way of relating this is in terms of isolation and relationship, or being sequestered as well as connected. It takes both to feel whole.

Feeling disconnected? Check your activity, initiative and communication with others. You are probably sequestering yourself, too much. Feeling unfulfilled? Maybe you have too much activity and not enough time for thinking, feeling and creating. You are probably connecting too much.

Wholeness requires the mix of each. For extroverts it is tough to sequester themselves for thought and analysis or planning. For us introverts, the activity level is difficult to maintain energy for.

Yet both allow us to think/feel, to use both sides of our brain, to create memories and to dwell on them. Find your mix. Find wholeness. Hone your message, and then deliver the goods. Help others understand who you are and what you are made of.

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