Helping Lawyers Speak With Confidence

“Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, Merri is ready to help you break down the barriers in your way so you speak with confidence!”

BDB Communication LLC was founded on the notion that we are all fairly strong communicators, unless and until

  • we believe those listening to us disagree
  • our minds are negatively engaged
  • we are experiencing high risk

This is when we lack confidence and either fight or flee from good communication habits.

At BDB Communication Merri Bame offers support for professionals at all levels of your firm’s experience and years of service in public speaking. Skill-building includes helping the uninformed discover their speaking strengths while developing techniques that support those strengths. It includes showing diverse speaker styles while building authentic voice. It is designed to motivate and encourage the already good speaker so they are excited to make more use of their speaking.

Aside from public speaking is the influence and effectiveness of leadership and self-management. Through her  communication coaching Merri supports those initiating business, those managing others, and those wanting to develop their career focus.

BDB Communication’s 3 areas of support include:

In House Public Speaking Counsel

This 12-month retainer enhances your firm’s influence with professional development in public speaking, observation of your team in action, and debriefing to assess their influence.

Individual Communication Coaching

Executive or associate support in intra-personal and  interpersonal methods and behaviors for immediate application. Scope varies with length.

Presentation Coaching

For those presenters who wish to speak with confidence while creating the influence they want.

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