Peer Presentation Group

There’s no better way to get where you want to go (in your career or otherwise) than to improve your speaking skills. And there is no better way to improve your speaking skills than to practice in front of peers! 

BDB’s Peer Presentation Group program meets 6 times to workshop and build speaking skills for up to 10 people while offering coaching support to participants throughout the program.


With the Peer Presentation Group, peers practice speaking 6 times in front of others, one time every time the group meets. They practice speaking off-the-cuff, practice being interrupted, practice planning a honed message, delivering full-body expression and relating to their audience. Talk about great practice! And getting in front of peers keeps the adrenaline going, encourages commitment and offers the chance to see and learn from a variety of speaking styles.

These workshops are formatted to include up to 10 people within the firm who are developing or refining their public speaking skills. It can range from new lawyers, associates, partners and others.

What participants get:

During this program peers will

  • Learn and demonstrate their natural presentation skills
  • Develop a routine of effectively preparing, rehearsing and then speaking to an audience
  • Receive constructive feedback from peers and coach
  • Refocus and deliver after interruption
  • Speak to eliminate 6 common presentation flaws
  • Develop speaking confidence and clear and comprehensive messages that engage and relate to audience needs

How this works:

Merri works with your organization’s professional development expert to put together one or more groups of 10 peers.

Merri meets with all participants in advance of the 3-month program to assess goals and share expectations.

Merri facilitates two 2-hr. workshops per group each month, giving feedback, assignments and tools for development.

Merri conducts individual consultations between group meetings for additional development and support.

Ready to begin? Contact Merri.

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