Individual Presentation Coaching

You know your speaking skills are just as important as your writing and research skills. That’s why you have decided to take it upon yourself to develop them.

But how? Like with writing and research you can just do it and hope it works, or you can learn a system for speaking based on what’s important for you, personally, because of your communication style (DISC- Dominant, Influential, Steadfast, Conscientious).

You’ve come to the right place to learn a system for improving your public speaking.

Individual Presentation Coaching – minimum 6 months

  • begins with focus on speaker’s natural vs. learned communication style so speaker appreciates own assets and understands own preferences that lead to barriers.
  • includes development of speaking confidence
  • while practicing speaking technique (prepared or off-the-cuff speaking) at every coaching session for 6 months
  • includes development of message clarity
  • while practicing techniques for honing message and emphasizing key points of messages that improve leadership, influence, conflict management and business development
  • includes development of listener connection
  • while relating to and engaging audience

What this means to you is:

You build your presentation style the same way a stool is supported – with three legs. Listeners want you to come across with confidence, to keep it simple & speak clearly and to connect with them. Aristotle called this ethos, logos and pathos. With BDB coaching you build your three legs of confidence, clarity and connection with listeners.

There is no natural born speaker, but there are educated ones. Break down barriers to public speaking. Take pride in your research and writing enough to share your ideas aloud. Learn a system for how to make public speaking work for you and find pride in your well-rounded communication.

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