Seth Godin has it right

A presentation client of mine sent me one of Seth Godin’s recent blog posts – The Fermata.

She said to me, “Merri, this is what you are teaching me to do. You’ll love it!” As both a presenter and a singer, I do love it. I appreciate Godin’s metaphor of putting a hold on our time in front of an audience, just as a composer allows a conductor to when using a fermata. So when should we  business builders use a fermata?


There are several key times to put a hold on our activity.

1. To plan. We cannot be purposeful without planning, either to build quality relationships, to commit to healthy living, to produce business goals or simply to have time for reflection. Slow down for thinking.

2. After asking a question. Ask. Listen. Think. It’s okay to have pause in conversation. This allows for further information to come.

3. After stating a key point during a presentation or reading. Just as in 1 and 2 above, pauses allow time for thinking and reflecting. When we presenters pause, we allow our listeners to think and give weight to what we just stated. Pausing after each key point helps to identify them as such.

Pausing puts things in perspective. Schedule  time to pause.

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