Signs you need coaching

There are some universal needs most of us can agree we need, and one of these includes getting neutral constructive feedback. Do we want this? Many times we do and are motivated for it. But sometimes we resist this type of feedback, let alone a relationship with someone designed to regularly give it to us. Nonetheless, if it moves us forward, re-frames our thinking or gives us a breath of fresh air when all we could intake was stale, we will do what it takes to get coaching.

If you think you will now subscribe to a sounding board by scheduling a commitment of short-term sessions, and you are motivated to do it now, maybe it’s because of the circumstances you face or because of your philosophy of professional development. But if you’re just not sure if now is the right time, give the list below some thought.

You need coaching when

  • you don’t have enough time to get it all done
  • you aren’t quite sure what your priorities are
  • you feel you have lost your voice
  • you aren’t getting the results you want
  • you need to prove yourself over the next 90 days
  • you have an event approaching that causes you anxiety
  • you are looking for your next opportunity

Any of the above can create feelings of anxiety, lead to boredom or feelings of insignificance. A communication coach can help you find your voice and light a fire within to use it. If you can relate to any of the above list, reach out to someone you trust – someone who you are willing to align with for at least 6 months so you not only get a regular boost, but you learn and understand the patterns that stand in your way and you start responding with your gifts.

Individual communication coaching

Individual presentation coaching

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