Simply Break it Down

Got a barrier?

Don’t destroy it.

Simply break a barrier down.

I recall occassions I stood in my own way. Because of a limited viewpoint or distorted thinking I held myself back. And because I love to read and study, I spent loads of time in psychological self-help books trying to figure out my inadequacies.

I wanted to improve. But instead I bogged myself down learning the origins and the characteristics of my barrier patterns. Yep, I learned a lot. I also suffered analysis paralysis. What I didn’t do throughout the process was move forward.

I suggest you simply break down your barrier. You needn’t figure it out, kill it or bury it.

Let me put this another way.

Suppose you’re on a roadtrip to a select destination when you encounter a roadblock. What do you do?


Chances are you don’t pull off, park your car, get out and walk over to examine the roadblock. Right? Who cares what it’s made of or how it was constructed. Chances are you also don’t pull out your cell phone to find out why the roadblock is there, where it came from or how long it will be there. Right again?

Nor will you pop the lid of your trunk, digging around for a crowbar with which to pellet the roadblock, to smash it into sections or kick it around, taking out your frustrations on it. You may consider it, but you understand this destruction does little to get you to your destination.

When breaking down barriers,  redirect.

Breaking down the barrier means calling it one. Label it as something that is standing in your way. And instead of wasting the energy to dissect it or destroy it, adjust your strategy to achieving your destination.

In the above situation, you no doubt turn the car around in search of another path. Basically, you keep moving. Your movement’s intention is to  search the means to continue toward your destination.

Consider these ocassions to break down barriers:

  • When we are told no, redirect the path.
  • When we are facing an audience and feel anxious, redirect focus from self to them.
  • When we have a personnel issue that causes us to feel uncomfortable, redirect by addressing them with the intention of discovering how they feel.

Break down the barrier with a simple redirection.

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