Sit still.

Stop the busy-ness.

Sit still. Take a deep breath. Exhale.

Now think about the folks you really enjoy talking to, hanging out with or listening to.

Are you smiling? If not, would you be, if you really stopped the busy-ness?

Earlier this week I wrote about what motivates us to respond to invitations,  as well as how we benefit when we follow, yet today I’d like to give you a moment to consider what happens to you when you hang out with things/those that are important to you.

With no children of my own, I enjoy watching youth, but I really enjoy pets. They calm me, entertain me and forgive me. From this I am aware that one of my values is relationships that help me relax and find my inner child.

I can tell when I haven’t paid attention to these relationships – my stress level is high, my brow is furrowed and I am quick to provoke. I must abide in relationships of calm for me to be at my best.

I don’t often use the word, “abide”. But I perceive it to mean, “remain constant”. It’s not easy for me to be constant with anything except my inconsistency, yet when I reach for behaviors that support my values, I am at my best, and in these times I believe I abide by principles that are important to me when I am still.

As a matter of fact, I am in my best mindset to present to an audience after I have taken the time to listen to a series of 3 songs by singer/songwriter, Lisa Binkowski, of Someone’s Daughter (the band I sing with). The first song – The Blessing – is about the bond of family. It settles me. Its lyrics and melody are mellow, which removes any anxious toxins from my system. The second song – A Change – is about motivation through hope and possibility. It lets my calmed nerves become ready for high adrenalin. And the final song – The La La Song – is about getting back to simplicity. It helps me not take myself seriously, laugh and find my focus.

But the foundation for my ability to motivate people and enjoy the moment is to get calmed by sitting still and believing.

Sometimes this calm requires daily, hourly attention. Maybe it’s because I am an introvert, a middle child, an entrepreneur, or a woman. Regardless, I must abide by what works for me – relationships of calm and forgiveness.

Abiding by my principles or values allows me to sit and reflect for possibility, to stand for things of importance and to speak up when challenged or when I need to challenge.

Pause for just a moment to discover the first thing that comes to your mind when you ask yourself, “What value is uppermost for me to abide by, if I want to be my best?”

Now sit still. Determine how you will let yourself abide by that value. Not only can this give you self-management. It can give you leadership that inspires.

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