Slow down for thinking.

Need more conviction in your speaking? When’s the last time you gave yourself permission to think through what you will say?

If you wish to speak with conviction, slow down to think.

Brainstorming, gathering information, seeking perspective and bouncing your ideas off another person leads to our ability to speak with conviction.

Not only is this the time of slowing down. This is the time of WAITING.

If you have done this lately, the signs are glaring:

You stopped.

You looked away from what was in front of you.

You asked questions.

You discovered answers.

You made a decision.

Waiting and being thoughtful about the steps you take are the process for deliberate behavior.

And deliberate behavior leads to productive results.

Additionally, it happens only when we consciously take the time for it. Thinking requires slowing down to focus on digging deep.

Before we have difficult conversations, we must slow down for thinking. Before we present information to others who may think or feel differently, we must slow down to consider the impact and approach to make. Before we take a risk driven by importance (as opposed to urgency) we must slow down for thinking.

If you have responsibilities that involve any of the above, schedule regular time for thinking. Maybe it’s the first thing in your morning after you awaken or once you enter the office or maybe it’s the final minutes of your day. Being thoughtful helps you create activity that makes sense.

When you are thoughtful you are confident. When you are confident you are influential.

Slow down for thinking and gain efficiency in your progress and conviction in your words.

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