So You’re Havin’ a Breakdown

Melissa Etheridge has a lot to say about Breakdowns. Click on the title to check out her actual words if you’d like. Below is the modified version for the purpose of this post:

So you’re having a breakdown
So you’re losing the fight
So you’re having a breakdown
And (you’re) driving and crying
Unraveled and flying
(Going) through your breakdown tonight

What I know about breakdowns is their eventual beauty. It’s not that I crave them – I’m like the rest of us. I hate them. Those downward spirals that throw us on our backs catapulting us on and on in an endless succession of twists and turns until finally we throw up our hands and say, “Enough! Okay, I give up!”

But they’re a thing of beauty. For people like me, they force me to pause. To notice my patterns of behavior and to get in touch with what hurts. They send me to the internal hot button that is difficult to articulate. Yet once I do, once I say outloud that thing within myself which holds me back, suddenly I’ve moved forward.

The beauty of the breakdown is the breakthrough. When we get there. We must get there. Until we get there, there is no beauty, no lesson learned, no chance of breaking the pattern.

Take that downward spiral, express the pain, then see the beauty. Enough of that already – it’s time to move on.

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