Solo Practioners’ Accountability Group

Malpractice, client complaints, workload overwhelm – all these spell disaster to the solo practitioner. And yet this entrepreneur who wears all the hats while reporting to nobody endures the risk of these things on a regular basis. Truth is, you don’t have to go it alone. For some, coaching is a valuable option. Yet the budget of the solo practitioner may not support it. Is there an affordable, timely option for creating accountability?

Many small business owners suffer the same overwhelm and although time is precious, have chosen to TAKE time off on a monthly basis to focus ON business, not just IN it. They spend 2 hours monthly with a coach who facilitates meetings to address challenges that are holding them back and get specific guidance in addressing them. This opens their eyes to the fact they aren’t alone, to new perspective on how to handle business challenges and to recalling the successes they otherwise wouldn’t take the time to address.

Solo practitioners are now getting this chance to feel supported. Solo Practioners Accountability Group (check the 3rd offering on the page) is being launched in Columbus, OH this fall. You don’t have to design your own group. I am looking for 7 or fewer solo attorneys who value sharing business experiences, knowing they will gain guidance and accountability as a result.

SPAG is an educational and practical way of working ON the business by working on individual commitment to challenges and communication practices.  Members address what is most pertinent to their business and create 30-day goals the others will hold them to.

SPAG members commit to 12 meetings and through this accountability see huge results. Each member gains business success based on how well they apply their focus, tweak their plans and commit to the accountability.

  Benefits for SPAG members include

  • Supported through business/career challenges
  • Promotion of successes
  • Held accountable to short and long-term goals
  • Continually develop communication confidence in managing self and influencing others
Do you know anyone who could benefit from the Solo Practitioners’ Accountability Group? Is it you?
Click on the link above to register for your membership. Payment options are included. Or email me at for more details.
Accountability is the stuff of successful professionals. That includes you.

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