Speak out loud

Practice for your upcoming presentation doesn’t count as practice unless and until you do the minimum of one thing. Speak out loud.

Here’s what commonly happens when people claim they are practicing: they sit with their notes, reviewing their key points, claiming their focus and feeling on track with their message.

Then when they stand up to speak, they suddenly feel a loss for words. Why? They haven’t become familiar with what it takes to voice the words they wrote. They didn’t practice out loud.

Spoken and written language are different. Written language can be long sentences with multi-syllable words difficult to pronounce. When we try to speak them aloud without reading them, our flow is inconsistent. Spoken language is best when we speak in short sentences and simple language.

If we have written our presentation ideas and not orally rehearsed them, we haven’t smoothed out the rough edges or figured out what language flows.

Practicing our presentation requires speaking out loud. Don’t wait until you are in front of your audience to do this. Practice smoothing out the flow in advance. Get on your feet and speak out loud.

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