Stand Up for Confidence

My mentor has me reading the book, Selling to VITO, the Very Important Top Officer by Anthony Parinello. Full of perspective on how to think, behave and speak like a top officer, Parinello echoes what I have heard others say about boosting your confidence level – stand up.

If you are about to speak with someone on the phone, stand up.
If you are facing a tough crowd, stand up.
If you want to boost your level of influence, stand up.

Confidence is hard to come by when you’re seated. Sure, you can plan what you will say from that position. But practicing your words requires firmly planting yourself. Let your body work in synch with your head and mouth.

Standing is the one way to demonstrate groundedness and confidence.

Stand up when you are addressing a crowd. Are you on a panel? Stand when it’s your turn to speak.

Stand up when you place the call. You will feel solid, ready for improvised as well as planned conversation. Your voice will carry better and you will respond with readiness.

Stand up when you practice your presentation. Your movement will be practiced. You will learn where you lean back vs. leaning forward. You will physically feel ready to speak after practicing on your feet.

Need a confidence boost? Stand up. Look in the mirror. State your opening line. Affirm your strengths.

Attorneys, introverts, practice group leaders, managers: Try it for 30 days and let me know what comes of this practice. Send comments to info@itsyourbiztospeak.

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