Stand up for what you believe

Who deserves your representation? Know that answer, and why you feel that way and you can start standing up for what you believe.

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Sometimes we forget our beliefs. We get distracted by the natural barriers that get in our way, that strip away our energy and push us around. Yet these barriers, although distracting, and sometimes even disheartening, help us speak with conviction. When we really are doing the work that serves our beliefs, barriers just help us remember why it’s important to continue.

Standing up for what you believe isn’t easy. It’s necessary.

Without barriers, you have no reason to exercise your passion, your values and your talents. With them, you stay focused on why you are the right person for the job, and then can get down to business breaking  down the barriers.

Now, who do you really want to be representing? What’s important about that? What will it take to represent these clients?

Determine these answers and stand up for what you believe.



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