Stay alone or connect?

Like many introverts, I often dread leaving my comfy, familiar environment to meet others – especially when I feel tired.

When I’m tired, I’m down on myself, and I believe I need a cocoon. This happened yesterday.

Once a month I meet with fellow professional speakers to share progress in our marketing, audience responses and other efforts tied to  getting more presentations. Usually meeting on Sundays, yesterday I felt ill-equipped to speak to my progress and dug-in my heels about going.

What I wanted was a nap, or at least time alone to refuel. Ever feel this way? But I still went.

Once there, I realized what I really needed was the chance to share my feelings of inadequacy. Others were sharing in similar ways and it seemed we all needed the boost of support from each other.

Well, the connecting and sharing worked.

I left the meeting realizing that too often I think I have all the answers and yet what I really need is the chance to connect with people for deep, meaningful conversation. I can’t get that by myself.

Connecting with people who are open to sharing is powerful.

If you are indecisive about what you need for refueling, consider who you are connecting with. Is it someone who doesn’t mind deep conversation? If you are an introvert, then go. Meet with them. You will find yourself relaxing right into the moment, getting refueled through the process.

Otherwise, take a nap, read a good book or just take a walk. But if it’s going to have you focusing on inadequacy, get out and connect. It’s effort well-invested in.


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