Stepping Aside

You’ve been working with someone now for months. You are helping them prepare their message, deliver it clearly, connect with the audience, and make the impact they want to make. And now it’s time to step aside and watch it happen.

What’s going through your mind? Did I cover it all. Did I give enough attention to the most important pieces. Do they feel ready. Are they confident. And maybe, am I confident.

Curtain’s about to go up, and out of desire for them to perform well, your stomach has butterflies. You know they are well prepared, yet what if something happens? You know what happens from here on out is completely in their hands. Can you handle it?

Whether we are managers, parents, trainers or directors, we all experience these complicated yet natural emotions, logical or illogical mental conversations. It’s all a part of stepping aside.

The alternative is to never step aside. Never prepare someone to do what they are fully capable of doing. Never see what our impact on our protege’s or trainees or performers performance makes. That’s even worse.

So we suck it up. We step aside and let the curtain rise.

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