Success Story: Reclaiming Energy

One of the members of the Business Owners Accountability Group recently shared a need to insert downtime into her week. She knows that any group member may agree with her challenges, share their experiences with solutions, or ask further questions. Here is a re-created version of the conversation at BOAG and the road to success established:

“Once I get home, my focus is on others. No more can I find the quiet, or take a break, or get replenished.”

“What is it that takes your energy from you?”

“Oh, it’s my massage clients. I book them in full days, easily 7am to 7pm, 3 days a week or so.” And as she said this, I recalled her massage environment – tranquil, lavender or citrus scented, dimly lit. Pleasant music in the background. She loves her time with them and willingly gives it. Yet, long days are long days.

“The problem is,” she said, “I wish I could duplicate my massage environment into a space at home. But there’s no place or no time for myself once I get there.”

“Is it important that you have this kind of environment at home?”

Ding,ding,ding,ding,ding….You could see an aha moment in progress.

“Oh my gosh. I could just start my day at the office earlier, or stay a half an hour later, and I’m already there, in a quiet, tranquil space just for me now. Wow. Why couldn’t I think of that before?!”“Just 5 hours a month is all I need,” she said.

She left in such great spirits, ready to schedule time for herself, regularly, at least 5 hours a month.

This morning I saw a FB message from her – already logged 7 hours since our meeting 2 weeks ago! Not only is she replenished. Her attitude is improved.

Simple assistance is the attribute of BOAG. Huge results is the benefit. Can’t wait to learn how this has impacted her relationships, her focus, her commitment to her clients and her sense of self. Business Owners Accountability Group is the answer to the entrepreneurial drive – creating downtime for your business.

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