Talk Back!

There is a prospect I’d love to get in front of who isn’t returning my calls or responding to my emails. Eventhough he invited me to connect with him, he is being unresponsive.

This angers me, for I know his firm could be a huge opportunity for me and I could give him tremendous value, even beyond the few pressing needs he has.

In times like these, I set out to make a phone call, and then I back off. Or should I say, I used to. In the past that voice in my head would say to me, “Merri, he has his own plan. It doesn’t include you. Drop it. You aren’t what he wants.” And I’d back off.

But today, I realize that I have often got in my own way, backing off way too soon. Sometimes the other individual simply had other things on their mind, things unrelated to me. Or maybe I communicated a lack of importance. Or maybe the individual was on vacation. Or maybe there was a temporary fix.

What I know now is, I will persist when it’s important. And that means, talking back. Of course I won’t talk back to the individual I want to get in front of. But I will talk back to myself. To the voice in my head. I will talk back to say, “No.”

“You aren’t forcing me to hold back any longer. That keeps me from being useful.”

“Just because someone seems busy does not mean I am not important. If an alarm were to sound, they would drop what they are doing. So sound the alarm, if that’s the intention.”

Today I look at that voice in my head, then turn away while putting up my hand.

“Talk to the hand. I have more important things to do than listen to you.”

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