Merri as a Personal Communication Coach…
“Merri knows how to clarify things you are thinking about but don’t quite know how to express.”
“The investment I made in myself by working with Merri has yielded the biggest returns for me compared to any financial investment.”
“I have been working with Merri for a number of years, and the growth she has helped me achieve (both personally and professionally) has been incredible.”
“I highly recommend Merri.”
“Merri helps people overcome barriers to communication by removing their fears and inhibitions and empowering them.”
“Merri keeps me on track and raises challenges.”
“Merri is very good at getting to the root of and resolving barriers to effective communication for business development.”
“Merri is a great person to work with, she’s enthusiastic, reliable, thoughtful, concise and creative.”
Merri as a Presentation Coach…

“Merri provides tremendous insight into my speaking style and how to make it more effective.”

“I wished there were more required coaching sessions with Merri. There are several, yet I don’t want the time to end.”

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