Attorneys Who Articulate – part 1

Most attorneys are known for their writing skills. Some are also orally articulate. Do you wish to be well understood? Then work to become an Articulate Attorney.

One of the most important things governing the quality of our voices when we speak is how well we articulate the sounds – how well we shape the sounds with our mouths (tongue, lips, teeth, etc.). This determines how well we are understood and respected.

speak clearly

An area of focus, in particular, is how we use our tongues. The tongue both shapes and interferes with sound production. When we are tense, it becomes the receptacle of the body’s tension. This leads to our tongue creating sound interference.

While many occassions generate tension within us (networking, addressing the judge, responding to someone who is displeased, etc.), the articulate attorney is ready with tongue-limbering exercises prior to entering tense moments, such as this one:

“googilee oogilee googilee oogilee googilee oggilee gah”

Put the phrase into your portfolio for ease of use.

If we discover personal tension, excuse ourselves for a moment, step away and pull out this phrase to repeat until clear, saying aloud this phrase helps us limber our tongue into articulate diction.  Once we return, we will enhance our listeners’ ability to understand us, even during trying times. And it may do wonders with how well they respect us.

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