Attorneys Who Articulate – part 2

Has anyone ever told you to open your mouth when you talk? It may seem odd that any of us speak with our mouths closed – is that possible? Yes. Our lips may be parted, but if our jaw is in the closed/clenched state, words don’t escape. They stay internal, caught behind our teeth. And these are the times we appear to be deceitful, secretive or at best, unsure, simply because we are inarticulate.


We humans commonly hold tension in our jaw. So much sometimes, it’s tough to understand us. Especially when we speak inside our own mouths rather than project our words out.

The articulate attorney pays attention to opening his/her jaw. To letting out the words. To impressing on others the clarity and importance of their message.

Quick tip for clenched jaw~

jaw release

Put your index fingers or thumb pads on both sides of your jaw to feel it drop or release. Slowly move your fingers, while applying pressure, towards your mouth.  Breathe deeply upon release.


Articulation exercise~


Put a pencil or other narrow object in your mouth between your teeth. Say aloud your full name, the opening of your speech or read aloud from a book as clearly as possible with the object in your mouth. You will find your jaw working to compensate for the barrier. Now remove the object and re-state the same information. You should discover clarity and outside-the-mouth expression.

Continue to speak with your outside-of-the-mouth voice.

Now you have some tips for dealing with clenched jaw, especially when tension overcomes you.

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