The Authentic Attorney Breaks Down Barriers

If you define authentic as “in keeping with what one believes”, then consider 2 elements that make an authentic attorney who breaks down barriers.

  1. The authentic attorney makes decisions based on personal values, priorities and desires.

One of my clients values orderliness, community and education. When he leaves his office at the end of the day, spent, and overlooks the messy desk, he regrets it the next morning, wasting time when he could be valuable. Yet when he takes another 2 minutes to arrange, file or shred paperwork, he walks out 2 minutes later feeling pleased, if not proud, and next morning can immediately focus.

Here we see that the attorney is fully aware of the values that, when acted upon, become a checklist for decision-making. With a checklist of values we are able to manage ourselves with a measurement that supports who we are. It doesn’t take us long to create habits out of our values that communicate who we are to others as well, that inform our communication and that testify to our priorities and desires. People soon see us for who we are rather than for the barriers our poor habits create.

2.  The authentic attorney finds his/her own voice and shares it.

Even when we haven’t quite made habits of behavior that demonstrate them,  when we speak up about our values, priorities and desires we reveal we are either thoughtful, motivated or both. We are thoughtful?, you ask. Yes.

Our thoughtfulness has us pause long enough to reflect on what is important to us. Maybe through meditation, daily planning, or even considering our day when in the morning shower we are able to find our unique perspective – our voice, if you will. After doing so we jump into gear throughout our day with purpose and direction, sharing our voice externally when it is appropriate, sharing it internally for motivation as well. Without this thoughtfulness we perform duties, enter conversation, or select our focus based on impulses. But with our own voice we take the time to live fully in the moment, addressing others with new perspective or reframing our internal voice for purposeful focus.

To sum up, the 2 elements of authenticity are thinking and speaking. Take the time for both and you allow those around you to gain perspective, to see your value and you help yourself get out of your own way.


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