The Best Grow Faster

Have you noticed it’s those who are really good in certain areas who get help in those given areas?

For instance, I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of good speakers who have begun asking me for help. They know what it’s like to be good but aspire to be great.

Attorneys, you can imagine how this affects your influence and practice over all.

I get called to work with those within firms who are commonly speaking at professional association conferences. They love hearing what is working well, and interestingly, they are quickest to share what they wish they had done differently. Their motivation leads them to get even more traction with their public speaking, increasing ability to relate, to hone their message or to deliver with confidence.

Similarly is the case in working with managing partners. Not surprising, they are the communication experts, often wanting others in the firm to get on board with behavior patterns that influence clients, the business community and their practice group partners.

Yet they, too, want help.

Feeling like they are sometimes working in a vacuum, they value insight from those of us on the outside and are quick to turn around with behaviors that give them ease of influence and keep them on task with priorities when working with an outside supporter.

If you are reading this post, you are no doubt one of the best – or at least you wish to be perceived this way.

Reach out for support.

Want presentation coaching for yourself or others? Click here. Want executive communication coaching for self or others? Click here. Those with interest in professional growth and outside feedback will readily respond.

And if it’s you, you are one of the most deserving!

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