The Best Performers are Introverts – Why aren’t you speaking?

It doesn’t take long for me to feel anxious before the curtain opens on a performance I’m in. Likewise, when I enter a space at a conference or meeting environment prior to speaking, the adrenaline and body triggers that are signposts to my nerves are on rapid-fire. In my case, my underarms sweat while my hands go cold.

Yet I continue to perform. It’s about the connection, the chance to live purposefully, the moment for charging the air with good energy. The day I learned that my body would respond the same way when I am enthused as when I am nervous, I learned a key lesson. Don’t assume you’re about to take a dive, unless you’re swimming.

If you are also an introvert, as I am, you may be one of the best performers, if you let yourself be. No doubt you have become an expert in a topic or two, are focused on staying calm under pressure and take time to read the audience. All of these reasons make the Introverts, not the Extroverts, the best performers.

Maybe you also play in a band, sing or act. Neither would surprise me – I, too, do those things. You are creative, reflective and skilled at paying attention.

When it comes to public speaking, please consider it. You have what the audience wants. When you realize that, you will take the time to plan, prepare and practice. You will shift from thinking you are not good enough to creating a positively memorable experience. Think about. Then agree to do it the next time you are asked. And you will be asked.

If you think you want it, I would love to help.

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