The Case for Boundaries

This morning I am ready to hit the ground running – even though it’s Monday.

Over the weekend I got away from my usual workaholic manner and focused on pleasure reading, friends and a great roadtrip. I was able to clear my mind. Additionally, I ate more than usual and found I really wanted to get to the gym this morning.

So I had several things going for me – desire to get to the gym for much-needed carb-reduction and a clear focus for my work week.

There are often weekends when I work on research or writing projects simply because of the freedom to accomplish things uninterrupted. And because I’m on Facebook for both business and pleasure, my mind tends to stay engaged for business, constantly making mental notes of follow-up, creating new ideas to explore and staying “ON”. When that happens, when my weekend feels like the rest of my week, Monday rolls around and I’m already exhausted.

The gym routine helps, because it helps my motabolism adjust and boost energy levels, yet when I’ve been ON all weekend, I don’t want to get out of bed. I begin with a negative attitude and I wonder if I can last all week committing to the plans I’ve made for myself.

However, when I actually am OFF – when I wait until Sunday evening to cross that line in the sand to review upcoming plans for the week and what I need to do to prepare, then I’ve put the necessary boundaries in place. I’ve demonstrated faith in self. I remember there is enough time in my upcoming week to focus on and prepare well for meetings, presentations and clients. And what is needed now is a mind clearing. I’ve demonstrated faith in outside forces to lift me up, to give me the needed boost outside of mental exercises. To make me laugh, love, get other perspective.

So when it comes to Monday, that great day of honest labor and creativity, I come to the experience fully charged. Tuesday builds from it and Wednesday opens up even wider with potential to not only accomplish, but also support key people around me. Thursday then takes on a feeling of pride for all the great focus and commitment already experienced without cashing in the week. For there is so much more to follow through on before the next week comes into focus. And then Friday is about tying up loose ends, wishing others well and sealing the deals for next week before shifting gears and getting prepared for the biggest, most important part of the week – the week end.

Those lines in the sand are not permanent. They are easily washed over, re-drawn and muddied. Yet we must persist in creating the lines and keeping those boundaries. It’s for the good of our spirit, those of others we support and influence and the higher power of valueing peace. Keep me accountable. Help me draw those lines. And you’ll get the same support back.

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