The Case for Creating a Third Mind

Many of us, as children, were told at least once, “mind your own business”. If this is the case with you, that directive just may have become a foundation in your business ownership. You think things through, you keep successes and challenges close to the vest, and you and only you shape your next steps.
How’s “minding your own business” working for you? Well, it didn’t work so well for me.

My first several years of business I relied on my own thinking and paralyzed my own business. I didn’t have a business development system, my services spread me too thin and my confidence as a business owner was weak. I needed to ask for help, yet I thought I couldn’t afford to expose my issues. Fortunately, someone in my business network changed my thinking and motivated me to create a Third Mind system which today is what I call my Master Mind – a safe handful of folks who once a month hear me, can relate, and willingly advise me. Then I reciprocate the focus to each of them.
Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich believed that 2 or more like-minded, achievement-oriented individuals could dramatically leverage each others’ successes. Putting minds together who have synergy leads to creating a third mind or “master mind”.

Do you have a third mind? A board of directors? A system for regularly brainstorming and creating synergy while problem-solving? You deserve to and if you wish to be responsible, you will create this third mind.

With a group like this, accountability flows through. We are reminded of our successes, our talents, our opportunities and when sharing the challenges we face, those in our master mind offer outside perspective – every time we meet.

The difference it made to me and my business is quantifiable. I have developed systems for development, for on-boarding clients, for honing my services and target market. As a result, my business is much more stable, it is clear what my business is all about and what value my clients get and I can decide whether to say yes or no to that next thing. All of this came when I decided to ask for help, and in the process was able to help the 2-3 others in my master mind group as they need it.

Although most of us in business focus on our achievements when speaking publicly with others, we face challenges in our daily operations. Don’t be forced into silence about them, any more. Stop minding your own business. Reach out to like-minded, achievement-focused individuals, like yourself and start master-minding your business. You won’t want to stop.

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