The evidence lawyers leave behind

Lawyers, you may not see it now, but there is evidence you’re leaving behind. And it’s crucial that you learn of it. It’s the evidence of how well you are performing in the courtroom.

Not long ago, Ronda Muir wrote The Unique Psychological World of Lawyers, which demonstrates the “strikingly different” profile of lawyers as compared to that of the typical US public.  Based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Muir concludes that in 3 of 4 areas, lawyers are made up differently from non-lawyers. (see the article for details) They are thinkers, introverts and intuitors as opposed to feelers, extroverts and sensors – the later of which the general public can relate to. But most of us are judgers vs.  perceivers.

The lawyer psychological make-up is a design that works for them, until they examine their presentational performance. Our performance is in front of others, and for the trial attorneys, whose performance is in the courtroom, they need to perform well for non-attorneys – jurors.

When lawyers seek feedback in their presentational abilities – how they hone their message, deliver the goods, connect for strong influence and project the image best for them in their cases, let alone in whether they are perceived as trustworthy, authentic, and real – good for them. Seeking feedback means they know that their presentational performance sets the tone for their success.

So do litigators seek advice from non-attorneys to learn the impact of their performance? If the answer is no, they are leaving evidence behind. The non-attorney gives evidence of what keeps them from being taken seriously, or what is unclear, or even offensive. The attorney’s makeup is usually not one prone to feelings, senses, or the extrovert expectations. Mentoring programs often support presentational performance in-house – usually from partners or other attorneys. This support isn’t thorough enough to relate to non-attorney jurors. Litigators need more perspective on how they are coming across. But until they seek this perspective from the non-lawyer psyche, they are leaving evidence behind.

Let me know if you want to find out how you are coming across to the rest of the population. I offer a 1 hour presentation review that may just get you started in the right direction. I am a feeling, sensing individual, while able to relate to the introvert. I would love to give you evidence you’ve not heard that keeps you informed, aware, able to make necessary changes and then in the position to be highly influential.

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