The Impact of Clutter

In 6 days I am moving.

Imagine, if you will, what my current home looks like, if in 6 days I am moving. Do you see disaray, boxes, footpaths through one room and into another?

I do.

There are grocery store boxes we are repurposing, piles for Goodwill, box tape, packed and stashed containers and furniture up-ended.

Although the walls are bare now, the floor is full.

And the cats are in a tizzy. Or at least tuckered out from skeedaddling in and around the chaos.

It’s not only affected the cats.

I have been ineffective when trying to get up in the mornings and now I know why. This disaray has drained our energy.

Although we have been working on this move for a few months now, with the organizing, scheduling, patching, painting and pitching, the majority of the work is still ahead.

Physically and mentally our energy has shifted from the usual day-to-day to the unusual. How many times does a person move in a lifetime? (Well in my case, more than a dozen.) This unusual energy expense is draining, but chiefly due to the clutter.

Clutter saps us. If there is one thing we can do about refueling energy, it is to get rid of clutter.
6 days and counting…

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  1. I HATE moving…I hope it goes off without a hitch!

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