There’s Peace of Mind with Public Speaking

As I write this post I have ear buds in so I can enjoy music from The Piano Guys without distracting others. I enjoy playing soothing or inspiring music while I work. It keeps me focused and motivated, helping me accomplish what’s on my list for the day. Accomplishing what is important gives me peace of mind. But that’s not the only thing that does.

I used to enjoy getting accolades and applause from audiences, of course, because I like when others think I’ve done something well. And as I get older, I realize accolades are so much less important than sharing what is useful to people.

For this reason I enjoy reading scriptures in church, singing meaningful music, writing posts that relate to readers. And it’s also for this reason that I enjoy speaking – it helps me see what ideas, lessons or tips, if any, are useful to listeners.

Most introverts admit they find little pleasure in speaking when conversation is superficial. Sure, there are times we just want to give our mind a break and seek meaningless dribble. But to use our time well, we want to learn, to be guided, to interact and share deep thinking. Public speaking is such a wonderful outlet for these outcomes.

So consider re-framing from being anxious about speaking to realizing there’s peace of mind with it. Speaking is a way to demonstrate not only how we think but also how we relate. So often we clamor for the chance to share our ideas, yet we shy away from doing so. Who does that help? Nobody. Avoiding public speaking may lessen our anxiety of being embarrassed while speaking up, but it only feeds us waves of regret for missing an opportunity. Not speaking up creates relationship withdrawals as opposed to deposits. It keeps us selfish and focused only on our anxieties. Speaking up gives us purpose and others a meaningful connection with us.

When I re-frame my thoughts about speaking, I connect with my audience, offer ideas and seek input. This process, though dreaded by many, gives vital peace of mind to the introvert, whether they are the speaker or in the audience.

Say yes to speaking. Just like good music it keeps you and others focused and inspired, helping us all accomplish what’s on our list for the day.

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