There’s Power in New Information

Over the past week I’ve had a hitch in my step. It’s been lifting me out of my seat and into motion. It’s been inciting my attitude toward enthusiastic conversation and bringing me into motivational sharing. All because I’ve been reading.

Sure, I have been reading fluently over the past 10 years (ever since I stopped teaching!) in my spare time. Proof of this is the recurring fine list at the public library. I wander through the new acquisitions and easily grab 3 or 4 books every week. Most weeks, anyway. Whether they’re nonfiction or a variety of attorney/spy/terrorist novels, they attract my attention.

But the newest read is online. This isn’t a plug for reading mindless blogs – this is a pure appreciation for discovering a writer who, like me, is focusing her work on the development of attorneys. What a find! I no longer need to reinvent the wheel to discover unique patterns within that professional group. Ronda Muir has done the work for me. Now my focus is in applying it to my ability to serve them in such a way they value the results.

For instance, I have learned that 70% of attorneys are introverts. Knowing this, I am thrilled to conclude that my communication confidence coaching has landed on a great target market. Whether they are in the courtroom, in an office meeting, at a networking event or with clients, they will be stumbling around unsure of themselves in most cases. With my ability to relate (from an introvert’s perspective and experiences) to their challenges and needs, combined with my knowledge and accomplishments in helping people speak with confidence whether interpersonally or presentationally, attorneys who work with me will now feel better about themselves at the end of the day.

Until I read that statistic, I had taken a shot in the dark, using my intuition to guide me in my target market. Now that I am validated by this new information, I am motivated to appeal to that industry with more gusto.

New information can give us motivation, especially when it’s relevant, meaningful, understandable and focused. It’s important that I surround myself with great resources (whether people, books, bloggers, websites, etc.) so I continually stay excited about my priorities and responsibilities. Only then will those around me benefit. They will see the transparency of my emotional expression, sense the energy in my activity and get attracted to what I have going on.

For others who are business owners, salespeople, attorneys or other professionals who are in the position to influence, it is vital to surround yourself with new information. It has power.

And for speakers/presenters who wish to influence, to inspire or to bring people into action, researching your topics of interest is important. Yet learning as much as possible about your target market, your audience and their interests will add a hitch to your step. You’ll get pulled along by the momentum of your own desire and hook others into your journey as well.

Keep reading, stay motivated, keep talking to vibrant, intelligent and experienced resources. It affects your attitude, your message, your delivery, your connection and what you are projecting. It’s the difference between life and death when communicating.

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  1. Im definitely an invtrreot. I like to be on my own and do my own things. While my husband is an ambivert and I think that because he’s this way he can understand my lonerish ways. I have very few friends but that’s not necessarily because I’m an invtrreot. I’m an observer I can sit anywhere and just observe people walking, talking, their style choices it becomes not fascinating but kind of interesting to me. Im not socially awkward or anything but I am conscious of the people I decide to associate with.

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