They’ll Laugh at Me

Being laughed at is one of the most devastating, dibilitating fears for the majority of us, especially for introverts. It keeps us away from speaking platforms, participating in meetings, trying out for group activities as well as from going out in public.

If we have this fear, it’s because we’ve directly or indirectly experienced humiliation, and we assume it will happen again. It’s a story we tell ourselves to keep us from taking a risk that makes us uncomfortable. It’s a story that plays over and over in our heads to keep us in our comfort zone. And the more this happens, the lower our self-esteem. Soon we have shut ourselves away and greatly limited our unique value.

This is a story. And we are the authors who can change it.

Instead of replaying it over in our heads, like many other self-deprecating stories, we can re-write how people view us and especially, how we view ourselves.

Instead of saying, “they’ll laugh at me” we can begin to see the humor of life. We do silly things. Others do silly things. We make mistakes, and we are not alone in this. We’re all imperfect. If we think others focus on how to make fun of us, then join in and have some fun. Otherwise, we can begin to relax into who we are, soften up about our faults and begin to experience more of what life is and how we are equipped to handle it.

What would you dare to dream if you knew you couldn’t fail? Great question for each of us to focus on. Darren LaCroix, world comedic speaking champion in 2011, knows that natural talent has little to do with our results. More importantly, he says, is our willingness to put ourselves into uncomfortable situations. James Michener says, “Character consists of what you do on the 3rd and 4th tries.”

Are you willing to try? If you are, you’re willing to grow. Whether this is about experimenting with how to network, how to interview, how to play a sport, teach a class or run a business, if you’re willing to go through mistakes, you’re willing to see how well you’re equipped to handle the process. Think about what you’ve been wanting to do. Are you willing to do what it takes to accomplish it? If you’re still unsure, watch this video of Darren LaCroix’s Anyone Can Do This.

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