Thoughtful speakers get results

Yesterday I wrote about Waiting. It was Wednesday. Although my post also focused on being thoughtful, I wish to take a new angle on being thoughtful today. Because today is Thursday – a great day to be Thoughtful!

When I think of speakers, I think of high energy, animation, laughter and smiles. Probably because these speakers exist in great numbers. They tend to be extroverts. We remember them because of their energy. If you are an extrovert, take your bow now. If you are also a speaker, this is a testament to your visibility!

High energy speakers engage our emotions. Most often we walk away from their messages thinking, “gosh, that felt good”. We were entertained. Maybe we laughed, probably we smiled and usually we were amazed at how much time went by.

But, and of course you are expecting this reversal, if we want some meat and potatoes, if we want to take notes and learn how to apply the information, we need a thoughtful speaker.

Here is why.

Animated speakers like what they have to say. Thoughtful speakers need to see that their message is connecting.

Thoughtful speakers may not get the laughs, but that isn’t important to them. What’s important is how the listeners apply the message thoughtful speakers give. Clearly, the thoughtful speaker has a different attitude.

Thoughtful speakers create a speaking strategy that gives people time to think about, appreciate and apply their message.

Consider the times you attended a training, a conference presentation, even an internal firm meeting and witnessed a thoughtful speaker.

Here is what may have happened:

1. The thoughtful speaker asked you a question and listened to your response without making you feel you were wrong. What a great attitude!

2. The thoughtful speaker said, “tell me more”. This behavior suggests they are interested in relationship and understanding vs. their own personal agenda.

3. The thoughtful speaker took time to explain. Because they were connecting to their audience, they adapted to the concerns and questions. They also planned in advance to make the complicated plain.

4. The thoughtful speaker had only a few things to say because they understand it is more important to dig deep than share a large quantity of information. They know how to hone their message and value it over making themselves look great by sharing limitless information.

5. The thoughtful speaker was seen with you or others talking with them after the event was over. This speaker inspires – makes people curious, moves them into action and is willing to relax into the time with people.

6. You still remember the golden nugget from the thoughtful speaker. Because you took notes. And you applied the nugget to your own circumstances, because the thoughtful speaker led you down that path.

Are you a speaker? If so, chances are you want the results in #5 and #6 above. Generally speaking, these things happen most often from Introverts.

Whether introvert or extrovert, you can be a thoughtful speaker by applying the above steps #1 – 5.



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