Time Out from Teams

Susan Cain, author of Quiet, has a plea to the education community – “Please give students time by themselves to think.”

My introvert voice applauds her plea, knowing the refreshment that comes to us introverts when we have the time alone to reflect. We may do well with teams – although we need to accustom ourselves to them. We can play well in the sandbox. But we really prefer our own time to create, to discover, to think to ourselves. This is what I call solitude.

Many work environments are designed for pods and open space where quiet is bypassed. No wonder the work-from-home culture is so rampant. Many of us still prefer our own boundaries to get things accomplished. I do. Oh, I still enjoy times at coffee shops and public spaces for appointments or for the change of pace work, but my preference is to be isolated.

Are you an introvert? If so, take time out from teams. Find your space where you’ll get the work done – meaning – think, create, strategize and do. If you need to inform your manager, find a way to address this, quietly, respectfully. They may not understand the dynamic constant teaming creates for introverts.

Do you have several appointments lined up? Good for you! Meetings, too? Of course while they are both necessary, it is also necessary to schedule your own time. Otherwise, at the day’s end you’ll regret not getting anything done. And if you’re a teacher or can advise one, remind them of the needs to give students time out to think.

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  1. This is a little bit spinrisrug that the introverts are both cooperative and reclusive at the same time. But when you talk about cooperation vs. competition it actually makes a lot of sense. I would probably be 80% introvert and 20% extrovert. I’m not very competitive and I like spending most of my free time alone. However, when I do find myself in social situations I become extroverted and social.

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