Tips for Refueling a Deflated Ego

We all have days when our power wanes, usually due to exhaustion. Yet sometimes it has more to do with hearing NO, not hearing YES or lacking recognition.

This is when our sense of self, our confidence, deflates. Like a balloon left alone without new air, we fizzle out, slowly becoming a limp, unremarkable object.

Yet we may need to show up, speak up, stand out in order to keep our sense of self alive and well.

Whether we have a case to argue, an audience to inform, a group to motivate or client to influence, we need to present our power.

Our influence power is driven by our belief in our self. Each day we present either our power, or our lack of it. If we are deflated, we may still strive toward influence, yet our result becomes pushy, sometimes even desperate. To shift gears, we must first work on inflating, or at least refueling, our ego.

How do we refuel our ego, our confidence, our own personal power? There are several ways. Let me offer 3.

3 Ways to Refuel a Deflated Ego

  1. Do those things that fuel your spirit
  2. Connect regularly with folks who celebrate you
  3. Focus on your positive attributes

Start by making a list of 10 activities you enjoy because of what it does to your spirit. My list includes singing, playing with our cats, having a drink with my partner, going for a bike ride, among other things. These things give me joy, allow me to relax and help me smile.

Reminding me of what else I am, these things create a picture of me that is broader than my deflated sense of self. They help me put myself in perspective. They help me remember what I am good at.

Create your list, then notice what feelings you experience. Get in touch with them. If you like the feelings, increase the times you act on the activities.

Connecting with folks who make us smile, remind us of our fun, smart, creative or nurturing sides helps us gain perspective. It is so easy to limit our personal view based on the challenges we have recently encountered. When things get too negative, we need to change the perspective, enjoy another environment and while it isn’t necessarily about soaking up all the good vibes for ourselves, it is valuable to enjoy camaraderie that gives us a boost.

Then we can become objective about ourselves, how the God Lord has created us, equipped with key attributes we no doubt forgot about.

Each of these tips gives us a healthy dose of good air – air needed in our balloon of power.

Once our power is refueled, we are now able to present it.

To influence others – not because we are FULL of IT. But instead because we have certainty in our abilities,  we have certainty in others’ abilities and because we can relax into (instead of pushing through) our circumstances.



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