Tips on Speaking Up

For many of us introverts, speaking up conjures images of being red-faced, getting furled brow reactions and even regretting our actions later.

Obviously we are recalling times we actually spoke up, whether in defense of ourselves or others, and the feelings associated with it. Feelings such as embarrassment, anger, frustration and even disappointment surface. That’s what happened if we did so without thinking first.

Regardless of our past experiences, speaking up is important. We needn’t be attorneys to understand this. Yet those of you who are attorneys may even recall that to some degree, the above experiences may have driven you into your profession.

You are in the position to fix things, to make the broken whole so they know somebody cares and is willing to stand up for their justice. You must speak up.

Here are some tips in speaking up, ones that require thought, which, by the way, we introverts are very good at.

1. Remember who you are. Aside from being a professional, you are thoughtful, concerned and willing to take a risk.

2. Remember why you are. What led you into making the choices you have with your life? Recall them. These motivators need to stay constant for your life choices to make sense.

3. Practice speaking up regularly. We introverts tend to stay quiet so we can think, observe and reflect on how well things are going. Yet this thoughtfulness needs to be put into action or it is meaningless. Daily find ways to state your opinions, even if you think they are obvious. It helps us get comfortable with speaking up.

That’s it. Your thoughtfulness will lead you to say what needs to be said thoughtfully, firmly, convincingly. Although your face may get red as you begin this practice, eventually your focus will no longer be on yourself. It will be on others. This focus shift will alter your facial coloring – naturalness will stay. You will find calm and comportment.

Think through these tips. Now, speak up.



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