Turn Away From Negative Self Talk

Last February I was told I won’t be driving any time soon and that my right ankle would be in a cast anywhere from 8-12 weeks. An entrepreneur with her plate full of public speaking trainings and coaching appointments, my first thought was, “How am I going to manage without cancelling?” And my second thought was focused on the Grand Canyon vacation planned 3 weeks out. “Can I still go?”

Crap. Just when I thought things were going well I took a nasty fall on the ice that broke my ankle in 2 places and ended with a surgery to repair it with 7 pins and a plate. In my mind, I needed to limit my involvement with life and do nothing but heal. Then my friend Heather Dugan sent me her book, Stuffing Sandwiches Down My Shirt, and I learned my attitude could use a bit of a shift. From her I learned the power of staying physical – it drives hopefulness and keeps my attitude positive.

With crutches and a post-surgery cast on my foot, I carefully planned my steps to learn how to manage activity with a new twist on life. Instead of cancelling appointments I stacked them into the same location and asked for rides from a variety of sources. I kept my laptop and speech manuscripts available for review during times between appointments. And – this is a big one – I asked for help. In so doing I learned what Heather did – there are ways to build relationship just as much through accepting assistance as there is in being the help someone else needs.

In Day 9 of my eBook, Confidence in 30 Days, I focus on breaking through the pattern of losing it with negative self-talk. This is a common pattern for perfectionists, introverts, the conscientious and those who require more of themselves than they do of others. Yet there is much to be gained by breaking through this pattern. For one, progress.

I also navigated the Grand Canyon crutched! I was selective and efficient about my appointments. I enjoyed spending time with those assisting me instead of doing everything solo. Turning away from negative self-talk helped me see possibilities instead of limitations.

Ready for your own possibility thinking?

Confidence in 30 Days

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