Want Listeners to Remember You? Do this.

You’re out developing business by presenting to supportive audiences, attending networking events, scheduling follow up coffees and entering meaningful conversations. How do you hope they feel? Hopefully they don’t want the meeting to end.

But it does. Then what? They need to remember the feeling, and basically this means, they need to keep remembering you and wanting more.

So what do you need to do?

Remember them.

Be excited about what is important to them. See that value, that solution, that dream from their point of view, remembering how it makes them feel. Then you can take the next step.

Share a constructive tip.

Listeners want all of our expertise, but they don’t want it all at once. Matter of fact, the fire hose approach to sharing information does the opposite. So offer a tip, especially one that, when they apply it, gives them another positive experience of being glad to know you.

Then you can do the next step.

Follow up with them.

Send them an email or invite them to coffee or give them a call. You want to know how things are going for them and they want to tell you. So let them. Now they have several reasons to keep you top of mind: you gave them a great introductory experience, you gave them a practical tip that they applied and appreciated and you took interest in how things are going for them.

It’s so easy to help people remember you. It starts with remembering them.

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