We can’t afford NOT to talk to people

Although many of us wish we could just close our door, turn off our phone and get to work, we can’t and we shouldn’t. Inspiration and opportunity come to us when we are open to others.

I must be honest – like many introverts, I enjoy downtime – time to reflect, to recharge and to plow through tasks that have shown up as loose ends. It’s rewarding to feel I’ve checked things off my list, especially when I’ve been able to accomplish things without interruption and distraction. (It takes me extreme discipline to accomplish things without distraction, but if I avoid email and Facebook for 2 -3 hours I find my groove.)

However, once I’ve accomplished things, I feel the need to share them for affirmation, for constructive feedback, or simply out of the need to celebrate. And that’s when it hits me – others do the same thing. They like celebrating their efforts and may come to me – even when I’m trying not to be distracted. When they do, they sometimes pull me in, giving me a new idea, a process to try and quite frankly, may even inspire me.

So who’s to say they don’t feel the same way when we excitedly come to them? Unless we share our excitement about our efforts, others won’t see the energy and power behind that effort, nor will they be motivated by it.

Face it – aren’t there times we want our efforts to motivate folks? If we choose not to share our enthusiasm behind it, nobody catches the spirit of inspiration. And if that isn’t happening, we aren’t developing business, we aren’t influencing people and we feel purposeless.

I have often heard the mantra – Every day there is someone we are supposed to meet. Either we need something from them or they need something from us, or both. Be open to it.

So when we decide to reach out to others to celebrate what we’ve accomplished – do it. Don’t talk yourself out of it claiming it is wasting their time or distracting them. It may interrupt people, but it may be just what they need, for reasons unknown to you.

However, what if we are stuck? What if we come to a cross-roads in our work and can’t make a decision because we need more information? What if we don’t know how to begin because we are overwhelmed by the task or just don’t think we are capable of it? If we keep our door closed and stay removed from others, we usually are left spinning our wheels. That isn’t productive.

Whether we are ready to celebrate or we need assistance, we need to reach out. In so doing, we may hear a new perspective, gain information, learn a technique that speeds up our efforts or even be motivated by someone’s insight. We can’t get that clarity on our own when we are stuck. And I don’t know about you, but I often get stuck. Maybe it’s God’s way of showing me I need help. Or Fate calling someone else’s purpose into mind. Regardless, I cannot afford to not talk to people.

Can you?

You are part of someone else’s plan today – and someone else is part of yours. Reach out.

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