We commonly forget our value

Consider the individuals who, when around them, force you to shift from your best self to your most negative self. Consider the times you feel judged, attacked or belittled. In considering these things, you are recalling feelings of frustration, confusion, anger or regret. Especially if you are an introvert.

These are not pleasant ways to experience life, yet we introverts tend to experience these circumstances often. Whether the moments are in the present or in the past in our minds, they become our measurement for daily potential.

Recalling the judgment of others, whether percieved or actual, is our metric for determining our own value. Extroverts have something over us – the ability to get past what others think of us. At least outwardly.

For those of us who spend large quantities of time in our head, weighing our value compared to another’s, it is common we see the short end of the stick with our assets. And it’s all in our head.

The only difference in value from the introvert to the extrovert is our thinking it is so.

It is time we introverts break down the barriers we have personally created – those patterns of self-sabotage.

If you haven’t done so already today, give thought to your value. In true introvert style, take a few moments of silence, pen in hand, and jot down the first 3- 5 things that come to mind about what you have to offer to the world.

Don’t stop there. We introverts tend to forget not only our own value, but we also forget the power of voicing our ideas, feelings and beliefs.

Speak aloud your value.  Seem odd? Probably. But just like the extroverts, we introverts deserve to coach ourselves into our day. Let your self-coaching words give you the chance to find poise, calm your rhythms and ground you in your value.

Thinking about and speaking aloud our value motivates us into the tasks at hand – whether dealing with challenges, speaking up in meetings, giving a presentation or handling questions of others.

You can shift from the common mindset of sabotage into the mindset of belief. Start today to reflect on, speak aloud and act on your value. It’s not just the stuff for motivational movies.

When you believe in yourself,  you see your good even when being around people who usually bring out your negative side. Addressing challenges may now give your skill sets a chance to kick into gear.

You will be amazed at how recalling your value impacts your potential and your daily life! Make a point of daily reflection on your value. What’s in your head dictates the progress of daily activity. Make the choice to give yourself something to believe in!


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