We love structure!

I so enjoy the picture on this post. As a work of art it is compelling, focused and fun. I love the structure and where it takes my eyes.

Not always do I enjoy structure. I don’t like being confined to a desk, told what to do and how to do it. But when it comes to understanding what to expect in a new environment or out of new people, structure is my friend.

There are key ways introverts benefit from structure.

If we are scheduled to attend a networking event we like to know what to expect. It helps us plan, prepare and practice things we will later feel good about.

For instance, the more we understand about the agenda, the better we can prepare how to participate. The more we understand the types of people in attendance, the better we can anticipate how to respond.

Here are a few tips that can enhance the introverts’ handling of a structured networking event:

  • Find out the agenda and topics discussed. It will help you prepare your individual views.
  • Prior to the event, get relaxed by connecting with nature, laughing to reduce stress or being alone. This will give you the energy you need to manage a different energy level during the event.
  • Observe the people around you at the event – especially what you like or admire about them. This will keep you from labeling (extrovert, introvert) and help you enjoy being with them.
  • Practice sharing conversation. Make observations, ask questions, gather feedback.
  • When the event starts, remind yourself it’s okay to be who you are. Then act yourself.
  • Let go of judgment. Enjoy the moment.

Simply reviewing the expectations of a structured event helps us anticipate through planning, preparation and then we come into the event ready to practice key behaviors as a result. This structure gives us focus.

These are things that help me. Let me know how they help you.

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