We really enjoy ourselves

Introverts are known to spend time alone.

For those of us who are not introverts, we assume when someone is alone we must call or visit them. Certainly they wouldn’t want to be alone. Yet for introverts, being alone is a treat.

I have always enjoyed uninterrupted time to think, read, or even to create. This is when time flies by. Most introverts agree that time alone is priceless. It helps us energize and get back in touch with where we are.

Introverts have learned to get along with themselves, so when the rest of the world is fearing spending time alone, realize the introvert enjoys it. A shut bedroom door is not a sign of depression. Instead, it’s a quiet retreat.

At work, at school at home or publicly, see these signals as a sign of introverted temperament. We introverts enjoy people, yet we really enjoy our time alone.

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2 Responses to We really enjoy ourselves
  1. I am a introvert merirad to an extrovert.It has caused definite stress in our marriage. I can manage a couple of social interactions a month.But, only if they are outside our home, I HATE people coming into my home, I feel like the home is our sanctuary and for my husband and I only.He LOVES just randomly inviting people over and visiting. He doesn’t understand that it literally panics me when people show up at my door, he doesn’t think its a big deal, he just thinks I am self conscious about the house or something. The weird thing was I was able to cope better before I got merirad and now that I live with him, I feel more out of control because I don’t know what will happen next, so, I am worse then before.Now, I do not want to do anything out of the home or see anybody or have anyone at the house.My inlaws are all extroverts as well and think I am some nasty witch, and tell those around me that I am unsocialable and rude .Which of course, embarrasses me more and makes me want to attend family functions less and less.

    • Jan, aside from money issues, most couples deal with temperament issues. The clearer you can be to each other about your needs and discomfort, the better you are in working through it.
      Tell your husband to start requesting your feedback prior to always inviting or to limit these invitations to a certain number per month. In time this will get easier.

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