What a gift idea for your loved one

Imagine your husband/wife/partner standing up to an admiring audience, breaking smiles on their faces, getting them to nod and then applaud. And then imagine your partner accepting the request to return to another opportunity.

Your loved one has what it takes but has simply forgotten how to focus on their assets. This is where you come in.

Provide your loved one with a gift that will continue to give all year long.


You are perhaps this person’s number one fan, but as much as you have encouraged and recognized their efforts, your loved one is not responding to your request to “get out there” more. Hiding behind their desk and computer, they are uncomfortable with standing up and speaking out, yet you know they are the expert who would get more recognition, who could influence more people, who could really make a difference if they had some communication and maybe even presentation support.

So give them a gift of this coaching. Click here to find out more about it. When you do this, you are giving them  a YEAR of backbone. Imagine what that would be like for them and for you!




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